story of the black moth

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Last Friday on September 27th I woke up from a loud screech coming from the kitchen. It was my mom. She was watering our house plants when a large black moth flew out of one and landed on the kitchen wall. But by the time I arrived in the kitchen to see what happened, the moth already nestled into a new hiding place. I told her if she saw it again not to kill it. For the rest of the day, I felt strange and slightly afraid. I went out and came home looking wearily at the ceiling expecting to find the black moth waiting for me. I also felt the onset of a cold settling in my throat. The day passed though and the black moth was no where to be seen. By the next morning my cold was in full swing. September 28th. A full moon in Libra. Around 3am my mom came into my room, frantically waking me up. The black moth was flying around her bedroom. With patience and a clear plastic cup, I was able to capture it. I walked with the cup to the threshold of our doorway, wearing only my underwear and pajama shirt. Stepping outside I slowly opened the cup and the black moth disappeared up & away into the sky. Everything felt still. I went back into my room and realized my t-shirt was on inside out and backwards. The time was 3:33am. This morning, October 3rd, my mom woke me up again. She told me there was a white, speckled moth resting on the screen of her bedroom window.





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